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Dailymag International (Ningbo) Limited Manufacture and Export Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Tools, Intelligent Toys, Dental Instruments and Sharps Containers.

Dailymag consist of five enterprise, whose business involves Electronic area, Medical area, Industrial area, Toys Area and Promotional Area.

You are invited to visit Dailymag International Business Websites as below:

dailymag magnetics

http://www.cndailymag.com                     Dailymag International Limited

http://www.magnet-tool.com                    Magnetic Tools and Assemblies

http://www.magnet-ndfeb.com                NdFeB Magnets

http://www.permanent-magnet.com      Permanent Magnets

http://www.permanent-magnet.cn          Permanent Magnets in Chinese

http://www.magnet-tool.cn                       Magnetic Tools and Assemblies in Chinese



          http://www.iqmagtoy.com          Intelligent Toys


Dailymag Dental


    http://www.dental-export.cn     Dailymag Dental

Sharps Containers       http://www.sharp-container.com 

If you want to be our supplier, please send your information to supplier@cndailymag.com

If you want to cooperate with us and develop new business, you are invited to send us email sales@cndailymag.com or call us. We will become your good partner in China.


Dailymag International (Ningbo) Limited
Address: No. 95-2 Chenjia, Lianmeng Road, Zhuangshi, Zhenhai, Ningbo 315201, China
Tel: 86-574-27721335, 27721558      Fax: 86-574-27721337

Email: sales@cndailymag.com


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