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Magnetic Earth Clamp     Item No.:  216800


What is Magnetic Earth Clamp?

Dailymag Magnetic Earth Clamp has been an industry standard since around 1990. Now, with patented improvements to prevent edge-arcing, this product has stood the test of time and provides a sure, quick and convenient way for welders to ensure a first-class earth connection to most jobs.

Low in cost, yet simple in concept and operation with nothing to turn on and off, the product comes in two capacities, 350 Amp (with brass electrode) and 800 Amp (with copper electrode). Simply connect earth lead lug between the nuts provided and place the clamp onto a good steel surface. The spring-loaded electrode is held down firmly on the job for maximum current flow. The handle allows user to wiggle the electrode connection should the surface be compromised with grit or grease – and also to easily release the clamp from the job.

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