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Magnetic Soap (Magnetic Water Conditioner / Magnetic Water Softener)

Item No.: WP-1

 What is Magnetic Soap (Magnetic Water Conditioner / Magnetic Water Softener)?

POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is the revolutionary Water conditoner and softener. Directly touch water to offer best magnetization.

The size of POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is the same as a real soap, you can put it into your water container and washing machine, and POWRMAG Magnetic Soap will permanently magnetize water, soften water and save washing powder, brings you a green & healthy life.

The POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is assembled with a big permant magnet, the magnet is fully sealed with environment protective PU material. It can touch water diectly and will never pollute water.

If you are interesting in this amazing magnetic product, please contact us for more information.


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