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portable magnetic lifter

Item No.: 235100   Portable Magnetic Lifter


Portable Magnetic Lifters could be easy to use and carry for lifting 10~50kgf steel loading.

Portable Permanent Lifting Magnet has strong magnetic path composed of NdFeB permanent magnetic material with high performance ferromagnetic system. The handle's movement changes the magnetic force On and Off...There is a steel ring on top of the magnetic lifter for hoisting objects, and the series A lifting also have a V-shaped groove at the bottom for holding cylindrical objects. Because of the Permanent Magnetic Lifters have many excellence. For example, Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic Attraction power and safe in handling. So the Permanent Magnetic Lifters are the most ideal lifting tool for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation

Dailymag also manufacture 100KGF, 300KGF, 600KGF, 1000KGF, 2000KGF, 6000KGF Universal Magnetic Lifters.

1) Designed with powerful rare earth magnet, safety factor is more than 3.5
2) Mainly used for carrying such iron products as armor plates, iron moulds
And other armor plate products
3) No fishhook needed, no power needed, maintenance free
4) Every product has been tested
5) Reach or exceed three times of the safety rate
6) Insurance button specially made for safety
7) Includes pressurizing structure
8) Usage life: More than eight years


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