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Original designs of our Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver bring you amazing feeling. We have core technology, and the followers only copy the appearance of the POWERFUL Magnetic Fuel Saver.

Magiko can be used in Water Softening. Click here for more information >>

Y2-M Magnetic Fuel Saver

Extra Power Magnetic Fuel Saver

Item No.: Y2-M

Magiko Y2-M Magnetic Fuel Saver is assembled with super strong Neodynium magnet, made in aluminium & stainless steel case, very luxury grade.

Use stainless steel hex socket bolt to fix, firm & easy.


Product size: 108x88.4x72mm

Suitable for pipe up to Dia60mm (2-1/4") 

Net weight: 0.98kg/ set

Fit for all automobile, specially big vehicles, trucks, buses, generators, trains & ships.


The Benefits of Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver:

1) Magnetic Fuel Saver can help engine to burn fuel more efficiently
2) Magnetic Fuel Saver let your car run more miles per gallon
3) Magnetic Fuel Saver will improve engine performance
4) Magnetic Fuel Saver will reduce emissions
5) Magnetic Fuel Saver will clean air

Magnetic Fuel Saver gadgets increase combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. This reduces harmful emissions while increasing engine performance.


Your Magnetic Force for Reliable Performance

Enjoy these benefits of Magnetic Fuel Saver
1) Save fuel, save money, more miles per gallon
2) 50% reduction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons
3) Helps pass emission testing
4) High octane performance with lower octane fuel
5) Improved performance - quicker starts
6) Stops scale build-up and corrosion in engine
7) Reduced wear on O2 sensor and catalytic converter

The Fuel Saver can be used in:

◆ Cars
◆ Buses
◆ Trucks
◆ Scooters
◆ Generators
◆ Motorcycles
◆ Ambulances
◆ Gas Cylinders
◆ Autorickshaws
◆ Locomotives / Trains
◆ Earthmoving Equipment
◆ Construction Equipment


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