Gun Magnet

Gun magnet are widely used in homehold use. Double-sided adhesive tape and heavy duty self-tapping screws for quick, easy, and secure installation to avoid gun magnets falling. Easily install on your car, truck, wall, vault, bedside, doorway, under the table, table, dressing table, safe, bedroom, office, garage, etc.

What is the Gun Magnet?


The Gun Magnet, is also called Gun Magnet Mount, Magnetic Gun Holder. It’s a type of rubber covered magnet base that universal for holding almost all types of guns: Handgun, Shotgun, Rifles, Revolvers...It can be used, in cars & trucks, on wall, under desk...Besides holding guns, they can are also capable of holding tools in workshop or holding knives in kitchen...It’s a multi-functional holder.


Specification of the Gun Magnet:

Our gun magnet is a rectangular holder, it is made of environmental-protected, non-toxic, anti-scratch rubber(TPE) cover, on which we can also put on your logo. And inside of the rubber cover is heavy duty rare earth neodymium magnet disc with high grade (bar magnets version available as well). There is a A3 Steel under magnets, which can greatly increase the magnetic pull force. Each gun magnet is rated 42LBS capacity. It’s firmly enough to holds all types of guns safely without falling or sliding off. The size of the gun magnet is 4.4 inchx1.56 inchx0.4 inch, there is enough magnetic pull force on the small surface. The self-weight is 87g.


How to Use the Gun Magnet:

It’s easy to use gun magnet. We provide 2 ways for installation: 1. screw mounting installation; 2. 3M tape installation. So package includes with 4 mounting screws, 4 anchors and a piece of strong 3M tape. Most of the time, you only need to put the 3M tape on the back of the gun magnet then fix it on surface where you require. No drilling required in this way. In rare cases you needs to screw it. There are 4 countersunk hole on the corner for screws. Both way are safe and secure.


This is one of the most popular item among our clients. Besides the rubber covered type of gun magnet, we also provide ABS covered type, with different shape. We can also custom based on your requirements. We welcome your inquiry.



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