What makes Dailymag so special for its customers is

The YAO Method

Dailymag is a brand built on the back of the raw talent, dynamism and creativity that is Charles YAO. The YAO Method was built on a methodology of developing products that are firstly safe, delivering them efficiently and doing it at the highest technological level possible. To understand the YAO method it’s paramount that you understand Charles Yao. Charles Yao has built a cult-like following in China for his straight-forward, direct, magnetism. Yes, magnetism, the kind of personality that is larger than life. This personality touches everything he does and what has allowed for thousands of industry professionals, CEO’s and key opinion leaders to look to Charles YAO for simple solutions to complicated problems.

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The YAO Method of Efficiency
  • Make sure you understand clients better than he understands himself, answer questions before they arise and always strive to be the best. These efficiency standards lead by Mr. Yao has transformed not only DailyMag but business itself domestically and internationally.
The YAO Method of Solution
  • Solve problems before they become problems, bring energy and life to earnestly solve problems, do it quickly and to to the end. Problem solving is a critical aspect of why thousands of clients world wide look to DailyMag for solutions, not just products.
The YAO Method of Innovation
  • Taking ideas, concepts and innovating them to bring solutions. Developing and innovating new product lines to bring them to the market as leaders. Being the inspiration for new technology developments worldwide.

Men, women and children love us, our competitors envy us, and want to be us all at the same time. We know what’s important, and that is our clients, you. The YAO Method is here, and its made DailyMag what it is today.

Repel, Attract, Life

What makes Dailymag so special for its customers is

Repel, Attract, Life

Dailymag was founded by Charles Yao in 2005. With years of experience in entrepreneurship and brand construction, Charles Yao leads Dailymag to build an ecosystem that covers several fields including import & export, permanent magnets. magnetic tools, sharps containers, linear actuators and Eco-products.

Now, Dailymag is a platform that has subsidiary corporation of Magiko Technology, Dailymag Magnetics, Dailymag Medical, Dailymag Motor, Dailymag Eco that are dedicated to global customers the comprehensive solutions.

For Dailymag, sustainability is a word that can be used to describe our business relationships, as we value our clients and consistently deliver value to them. To that end we are excited about the prospect of establishing and fostering a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you and your company, and look forward to the beginning.

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