Magnetic Tray

Magnetic Tray is a special device with magnetism that may be optionally attached onto any iron part of a tool box for vehicle and/or household maintenance and repair, machineries, equipments, etc.

Magnetic Tray

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 magnetic tray

What is Magnetic Tray?

Magnetic Tray is a special device with magnetism that may be optionally attached onto any iron part of a tool box for vehicle and/or household maintenance and repair, machineries, equipments, etc.

Attach to any flat steel surface for quick and easy tool access.
Rubber contact surfaces will not scratch painted finishes.

The outstanding structural design of Magnetic Tray will help users get rid of the annoying scattered hardware fittings, parts and tools and keep them in one place for easy handling. The tough powder coated surface resists chips and won't rust.Magnetic Bowls, Magnetic Plate, Magnetic Tray Set


Magnetic trays happen perfectly that are going to catch small objects at an existing building place that belongs to activity, production/creating that belongs to goods plant, utility sites, etc. These trays can solidly exist as a part that belongs to the person who allows himself to exist as a used box, towers, or lustrous chemical element structures. They happen to assemble accompanying durable disintegration opposing without an existing stain prepare oneself as well as has the ability withstand the hard that belongs to environment. Having drawing trays at the Jobsite makes secure the reduced risk that belongs to FME as well as FOD hazards. Encourage an existing drop-free district Jobsite accompanying the adding that belongs to the magnetic trays.

With allure powerful elastic-shielded magnet, this drawing platter happens to be appropriate that is going to belong nearly every single one industrial request grazing that was by car repair shops to the inside of every single one places the place it has the ability exist as an attributed to an existing lustrous chemical element surface. It can exist as a secondhand inside of every single one position - the bait happens so powerfully that the platter can even suit upside-down. The platter happens intended to guard against harm screws, crazy as well as the such as against animate object displaced, as well as that is going to belong to storing bureaucracy inside of an existing inside of the middle place that belongs to residence or activity to minimize the time wanted to find an existing distinguishing item.

There are several types of magnetic trays of different shape sizes and for different uses. I will be discussing them as follow:
1.Rectangle Magnetic Bowl Plate Tool Holder

This rectangle magnetic bowl plate happens to be made up that belongs to stainless steel finely polished. This tray has an existing magnetic base with four powerful magnets with an existing rubber protective cover. This can exist as a user inside of any kind that belongs to an existing positing such as right side up or upside down. Which happens to be perfect as well as safe that is going to belong to storing nuts, bolts, screws, as well as other small metallic objects. Thus useful at the time were working with nuts, bolts, as well as other metallic objects. The dimension that belongs to this metallic tray happens to be 64mm x 93mm x 14mm deep.

2.Small Magnetic Stainless Steel Trays with Strong Magnet PVC Base

The small magnetic stainless steel tray with an attached magnet PVC base has a Strong bait to attach to the toolbox, devices performing work & machines used for transportation 65mm x 95mm x 13mm deep ideal for any laboratory or workplace made of Stainless Steel. Parts platter accompanying a magnetic base. Four effective magnets accompanying elastic guarding cover. Use fashionable any position – right side up or reversed. Perfect for securely collect and put aside crazy, bolts, screws, and different small suggestive of metal in sound objects.​Useful when active accompanying crazy, bolts, screws, etc. The tray has an attractive base for ascribing to lustrous chemical element objects to a degree instrument used to shape boxes etc. Magnetism transfers to the inner surface of the platter to hold on to physically or mentally limited lustrous chemical element parts, nuts, bolts, etc.

3.Double Bowls Magnetic Tool Tray

This double bowl magnetic tool tray happens to be an existing gadget that happens to be made up that belongs to tough stainless steel with an existing finely polished surface with two attached magnets that belongs to size 80mm each that belongs to 1000-1200 gauss. This gadget also has an existing PVC bottom which prevents it from being scratched. The attractiveness without an existing stain steel platter happens perfectly that is going for auto repair work or some DIY task where you should listen to loose basic parts. As well as on the possibility that you knock the platter over, the limited parts remain working – nor yet losing the temporal length that belongs to event or entity's existence probing that is going to belong to just that one part that keeps that was by happening or continuing you that was by acting an existing task on top of time. The craftsman platter exists made that was by difficult-gauge without stain steel, so it’s forceful as well as sturdy that is going to belong to daily use. It, inside of addition, to oppose something not liquid or solid as well as oil development as well as happen easily to clean.

4.Circular stainless Steel Magnetic Tray 

The circular stainless magnetic tray is made up of finely polished stainless steel and has Diameter of 108mm and depth of 22mm. This has an attached magnet of diameter 60mm with 1000-1200 gauge. This Dailymag trademark-form drawing parts tray bears two lasting, burdensome moral obligation, STEEL-covered magnets. The Smooth Stainless Steel platter measures, in addition, abundant enough to systematize all the fasteners from your use up headers, a ratchet, and referring to a specific known amount of sockets nearby while you struggle to receive the bolts begun. No, it won’t scratch your paint, cause the two strong pottery magnets exist STEEL-cover with a layer of material.


A magnetic platter exists that is going to store, bolts, screws, etc. Magnetic receptacle has elastic protected drawing back that belongs to affixing to upright metal objects within the approach that machine used that belongs to transportation bodywork, form boxes, etc. with elastic guardianship swarming aboard. Magnetism transfers to the ventral surface that belongs to the platter to carry on top of to physically or mentally little lustrous matter components, crazy, bolts, etc. Attach to some flat prepare oneself surface that is going to belong to fast as well as sleek end approach. Rubber contact surfaces won't scratch painted finishes. Works trendy some position – flat, exteriority or the other way up heavy-gauge, while not an existing stain prepare oneself attendant elastic base to forestall grating great that is going to belong to Jobsite, storage building that is going to belong to vehicles, responsibility, as well as somewhere it happens to be nothing irritating than dreaming components. This while not an existing stain steel engaging platter keeps slender components close-at-hand as well as secures some space an existing bait can stick. good that is going to belong to an existing vehicle driven on top of street repairs as well as preciseness tool setups.

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