Magiko: Y2-M Magnetic Water Softener

Designed to magnetize the water as it is passing through a pipe. It transfers the elemental force of magnetism to water. Thereby remove hardness and purifying the water

Magiko is a high-end magnetic product brand under Dailymag. It is highly respected by consumers around the world for its novel design, practical functions, top-notch materials and fine workmanship.

Dailymag is the only legal manufacturer that owns the 'Magiko' brand and produces genuine 'Magiko' Magnetic fuel saver, magnetic fuel conditioner and magnetic water softner

Magiko: Y2-M Magnetic Water Softener
Choose your suitable Y2-M Magnetic Water Softener

Y2-M Magnetic Water Softener

Item No.: Y2-M


Patent No.: ZL 2012 3 0317926.8

Features of Y2-M Magnetic Water Softener:

Available for all vehicles

All metal aluminium & stainless steel case;
Manetic parts made from 100% top grade neodymium (Nd) magnet;
1500% POWERFUL than normal magnetic Water Softeners, 12800 gauss; Super large size: 108x88.4x72mm, suitable for water pipe upto Dia60mm; 
Easy to install (4pcs strong stainless steel hex socket bolt ensure a secure installation); 
Suitable for Laundry room, holtel, commercial center, bathhouse, agriculture watering and industrial consumption;

X application: It can be used as water conditioner,magnetic fuel saver and gas saver.


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Magnetic water softeners are used to remove hardness from water. Water pulls in different minerals while moving through the soil. Being an extremely good solvent, most minerals dissolve in water. Two of the most common minerals that get dissolved are Calcium and Magnesium which make the water hard. With the increase in the calcium and magnesium content, the hardness of the water also increases. Calcium and magnesium form a scale of calcium deposits affecting showerheads, faucets, dishwashers, heating elements of water heaters. This bars water flow, heating efficiency and leaves dish spots. More soaps are required to produce good suds. It also has bad side effects for skin like itching, rashes, etc. More water is wasted. Thus, we need to remove these minerals from water to soften them.

Magnetic water treatment refers to the process of removing hardness from water with a non-chemical method, passing water through a magnetic field. The softeners use permanent magnets, mainly neodymium, and so it never exhausts as they do not need any external power source.


How Magnetic Water Softeners work?


These softeners force hydronium ions temporarily to the cathode and exchange water molecules with mineral hydronium. The calcium and magnesium functions accept electrons, losing their cationic behavior temporarily. Thus, these ions do not bond with hydronium ions even on heating. The magnetic filter part softens water and prevents scale formation.

The strong magnetic field lines penetrate the wall of the tube and generate an electric current ( as proved by Faraday's Principle). In this way, the negatively charged tube repels the negatively charged ions like carbonate, oxide ions, fungus, thereby not letting them touch the tube wall. The field ionizes water into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. The hydrogen ions are attracted to the electric rich wall of the tube. These ions help to loosen the dirt and finally removes it from the surface. The surface tension of the water decreases since it is ionized which in turn enhances the sedimentation of impurities. Magnetic water softeners also increase salt solubility. Large water molecules break down into smaller ones which can interact more. Water penetrates more easily. Also, the oxygen content of water increases.

The properties of the pipe like pipe conductivity and surface roughness affect the magnitude magnetic treatment of water. But can use higher grade rare earth magnet to improve the effects.


Models of Magnetic Water Softeners



Magnetic Strength-12800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-Steel Box

Net weight-0.68 kg



Magnetic strength-19800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-Steel Box

Net weight-2.2 kg



Magnetic strength-12800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-Steel box

Net weight-1 kg



Magnetic strength-5200 gauss

Quantity per set-2 pairs


Net weight-0.1 kg



Magnetic strength-6200 gauss

Quantity per set-2 pairs


Net weight-0.11 kg



Magnetic strength-2800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-White box

Net weight-0.35 kg



Magnetic strength-10800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-Colour box

Net weight-0.50 kg



Magnetic strength-7500 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair

Packing-Colour box

Net weight-0.13 kg



Magnetic strength-1800 gauss

Quantity per set-1 pair


Net weight-0.12 kg



Magnetic strength-7500 gauss.

Quantity per set-1 pair.

Packing-Steel box.

Net weight-Steel box.


The King Power Magnetic Water Softener.

The king Power Magnetic Water Softener is very easy to install around the water pipe. Because it is installed outside the piping, there is no maintenance cost. It has a very high magnetic strength of 10800 gausses originating from a permanent magnet. Thus, this gadget does not require an external source to recharge it periodically. When we pass water through this powerful magnetic field, the minerals lose their ability to remain dissolved in water and get suspended. This effect is long-lasting and remains for two days before the minerals start to regain their bonding power again. For households, this time is more than enough for water to travel through the pipes from where it enters the house to the outlet into the sewage system.


Good Effects of Magnetic Water Treatment.

Magnetic Water Treatment is an energy-saving solution. Thus, it is an extremely economical and cost-efficient method. The plumbing, fixtures, and appliances last for a long time and thus you don't have to spend money on repairs. The calcium scale deposition due to the hard water reduces. Water heaters consume less fuel and last longer. Your skin becomes dry and itchy with the prolonged use of hard water on it. On removing the hardness, your skin gradually stops being itchy and dry and feels softer. Hard water causes spots on dishes. These spots will decrease. You will require less amount of detergent for washing clothes and dishes. Soft water helps to clean faucets and fixture more readily.


Advantages of using Magnetic Water Softeners over Conventional Water softeners

Conventional water softeners work on an ion-exchange process whereby sodium ions replace the calcium and magnesium ions of hard water.

  • Water treatment by using magnetic water softeners differs from conventional water softening processes because the former does not use chemicals but a permanent magnetic field. Thus it reduces secondary pollution.
  • Also, magnetic water softeners do not remove the mineral ions permanently from water; they just nullify their bonding effects for a duration varying from a few hours to quite a few days.
  • Conventional fuel-saving systems replace calcium and magnesium ions using sodium ions. It adds sodium to your diet which may prove bad for your health.
  • You have to add salts periodically to these conventional salt-based water treatment systems.
  • In addition to the bad effects of scaling on pipes and plumbing, sodium can also cause corrosion.


It is an effective solution to the problem and most importantly a non-chemical solution to remove the hardness of the water. As discussed, it requires no external regular power source, is cost-efficient, has long-lasting effects, reduces secondary pollution as a result of which households work involving water becomes easier and skin problems do not arise anymore. This latest technology is highly recommended and worth a try. We assure you it will be worth it. Thank you for your patience. Happy softening!


These assemblies can also be used on fuel pipes, as some people find that magnets "save" fuel and reduce emission.
Magnetic Water Softener can be used in fuel saver >> Magnetic Fuel Saver

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