Magnetic Pick-Up Tool (Magnetic Retrieving Tool)

Magnetic Pick Up Tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools) from Dailymag Magnetics features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool (Magnetic Retrieving Tool)

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Magnetic Pick Up Tools from Dailymag Magnetics features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. It lifts up to 32 times its own weight! Magnetic Pick Up Tools have different  styles which can be used in a wide range. It can reach long and can be bent to reach almost any location. Both tools can be used to retrieve lost items from engines, dashboards, drains and vents. We can customize these products according to customer's actual requirement.

Item No.: R1007  25" Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Item No.: R1011  32" Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool with LED

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Magnetic Pick Up Tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools) from Dailymag Magnetics features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Magnetic Pick-up Tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools)  from us have prosperous styles. Magnetic Pick-up tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools) can lift up to 32 times its own weight. Magnetic Pick Up Tools are available in being used in a wide range. Magnetic Pick-up tool (Magnetic Retrieving Tool) can reach long. Magnetic Pick-up tool (Magnetic Retrieving Tool) can be bent to reach almost any location. We can customize Magnetic Pick-up tools (Magnetic Retrieving Tools) according to customer's actual requirement.

Humans are known for their ability to try new things and persuade others, but trying in the wrong way without the right tools can lead to excess of work with poor quality. Do you want to see an example? Have you ever tried to get a screw out of the nooks and crannies of a side table? For that small portion, you would bend, reach your palm in, and brighten up your entire jolts for that small piece, but the broadness of the space is too narrow for you to out your hands in, or bring out the desired things.

So, what do you do now?
You can choose between two options:
You can either continue extending your hand, getting nothing, and sweating excessively, or you can use the tool designed to get you out of such a circumstance. Let us present you to the Pickup Tool, which is designed like a thick curved pen with a rubber handle within the stainless steel body and a sharp magnet base ledged on the tip. The compact design and light weight makes it easy to be carried and can be placed inside the hard to reach spots when you are trying to figure out a way to retrieve on to your nuts & bolts.

What makes this Pick-Up gadget special?
It is made in a telescopic design as it holds a stick with an extending height from 7 to 31 inches. If you don’t think that’s enough length for you to carry out the mission impossible to find or if you can’t quite figure out how much that is, it would be the size of your normal television screen, could be the length of your skateboard to ride on. That’s quite a length, isn’t it? It becomes even better when you learn about the magnetic pick-up tool's extending capability, which allows it to expand from 5 to 26 inches. So, if you are wondering if the stick supplies the length, the metal will not be attracted to the magnet due to the diminished influence of the attraction pull, this is no longer an issue. This much length would not only allow you to fit the rod into corners, but it would also make transferring iron bolts or metallic objects between two shelves much easier.

How much can the magnetic power hold?
It has a suction power of up to 20 pounds, which is a lot for such a small pocket device. To get a clear image, an ordinary shopping cart would weigh this much. With the help of an extensible telescopic rod, the little Neodymium magnets can raise an amazing 1kg of weight when they come into contact with a steel surface of equivalent thickness.
Should the Retrieval Pen Pick-Up Tool be used at homes?
This equipment is the most important find in the glove box, as no one can forecast how many metal things or jeweler picks will be lying around in small spaces. You wouldn't want to go out with just one bangle dangling from your hand, while the other is strewn about beneath the table. That is why it would be great present to be gifted to the home keepers.

What is the most unique feature of this gadget?
This product is made up of chrome plated stainless steel, which is rust free ensuring that the shelf life lasts long enough for a lifetime. Attraction matters, and when it is about the things that matter most to you, then this life saver, the most unique free handed elongated fisher, the on spot problem saver is here to help you.
If you still don't see how essential this device could be, consider a real-life example that can be applied to our daily lives.

Ryan was getting ready to head to his workplace for a special briefing that would result in him receiving a promotion. He was sturdy and dazzling about something, as steadfast and swift as he appeared to be travelling. It was his big day today.

Suddenly, with a gush of air and loud gasp, Ryan seemed to drop his car keys into the drain hole sewerage grill. The problem was not with rescuing car keys from the drain, but rather with doing so in a short amount of time. He didn't want to be late; he hadn't anticipated this, and he had no idea what would happen. Ryan was not one for making excuses. All of his mental calculations led him to the Retrieve Pen Tool, a stainless steel body with a rubber back that had never sparkled for him previously, stacked in the Aid Tool Box. He sharply picked it up, set the length of the rod, and lifted out his car keys. The presentation went in a flash after. Still to this day he believes tools in need are needed indeed. 

Ryan's narrative is a common measure inaccuracy in some people's life. Either they can spend their time in stress, worry, and exhaustion, or they can acquire what is known as a budget saver deal, which will help you reduce your anxiety by the proximity of the scenario.

It's a must-have item for back pain sufferers:
With the Pen Tool in hands, it’s a process of ease to pick up metal objects without have to bend. Some people when suffering from back pain have this tool handy for easy picking up of objects. It would not only save your energy but a good way to protect your posture, when the doctor has strictly advised you not to bend down, or it might save you from head spins, if you have severe ear drum issues, whilst proving assistance in lifting without much effort.

Quick Take Away: 
> For easy retrieval of goods in the home, this is a must-have.
> SMALL BUT POWERFUL- It is pocket-friendly and cost-effective.
> COMPACT IN SIZE, HIGH ON REACHING: When your hands aren't long enough to fish and find, they can be your hands.
> The pen tool can be used to transport metallic objects from one location to another.
> Pen Tool strikes a good balance between the length of the rod and the weight it carries, and it won't rust thanks to its one-of-a-kind design.

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