Magnetic Soap, Magnetic Water Conditioner

POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is the revolutionary Water conditoner and softener. Directly touch water to offer best magnetization.

Magnetic Soap, Magnetic Water Conditioner
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Magnetic Soap (Magnetic Water Conditioner / Magnetic Water Softener)

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What is Magnetic Soap (Magnetic Water Conditioner / Magnetic Water Softener)?

POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is the revolutionary Water conditoner and softener. Directly touch water to offer best magnetization.
The size of POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is the same as a real soap, you can put it into your water container and washing machine, and POWRMAG Magnetic Soap will permanently magnetize water, soften water and save washing powder, brings you a green & healthy life.
The POWRMAG Magnetic Soap is assembled with a big permant magnet, the magnet is fully sealed with environment protective PU material. It can touch water diectly and will never pollute water.
If you are interesting in this amazing magnetic product, please contact us for more information.

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Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener is designed to magnetize the water as it is passing through a pipe. It transfers the elemental force of magnetism to water. With an ingenious system of up to 28 cascaded magnetic fields, with alternating strength between 4.500 and 8.000 Gauss / 450 to 800 mT (milli Tesla),energy is imparted in the water. Its special design gives the device almost four times the efficiency of similar constructions, and, because of the inbuilt know how, makes it impossible to copy!

Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener is a 100% environmental friendly, cost and energy effective way to treat water at the state of the art.

Amazing effects:
* Plants grow faster, stronger and healthier
* Less water usage
* Fertilizer usage is reduced
* Ph-level of the soil is much lower
* The salt content in soil is reduced

Dailymag Magiko provides magnetic technologies that alter the structure of water clusters. Without magnetization toxins and waste products build up causing molecule clusters to be much larger in size, increasing surface tension, increasing viscosity and limiting dissolvability and permeability of water. This results in poor water productivity as only a small percentage of water and nutrients applied are dissolved and made available for plants to take up at fine root zones.
Magnetic treatment breaks up the molecules to smaller clusters allowing them to pass through plant capillaries more readily.

Our magnetization reduces surface tension, reduces viscosity, increases dissolvability, increases permeability and increases oxygen content hence making nutrients more readily available to plants and soils. Water is then said to be biologically “alive”.

Magnetic water treatment can be explained by a phenomenon called "Magnetic-Hydromagnetic resonance" under the action of Lorentz's force. The key parameters that influence the magnetic treatment are the velocity of water flow in the pipe and the intensity of magnetic induction.

Magnetic treatment to your water supply can:
* Reduce water usage by minimum 10% and up to 30%
* Reduce fertilizer usage
* Reduce pesticide and herbicide usage
* Increase yields by at least 10%
* Improve taste of produce
* Increase shelf life of produce
* Improve soil pH and remove/dissolve impurities from soils year after year
* Increase nutrient content in produce
* Increase seed germination percentage and speed of seedling emergence
* Increase fine root growth
* Drastically reduce heat stress
* Increase water flow
* Saving energy and resource
* Prevent and remove scaling from irrigation pipes
* Soil desalinization takes effect in the first year 1/1.5 meters
* Increase productivity and reduce disease in live stock and general animal breeding
* Increase weight and reduce disease in aquaculture industry
The use of Dailymag Magiko magnetic water devices to treat irrigation water will improve water
productivity and thus lead to significant water savings.

Dailymag Magiko magnetic technology can be put in practice by farmers to improve water productivity,save water, minimize the occurrence metals and sustain the health of the environment. The technology has proven to make use of lower quality waters (effluent and saline water) more sustainable and overall will augment water supplies for agricultural purposes. In general, the use of Magiko & Powermag technology will help improve long-term viability of the agricultural industry and sustainable economic development in both urban and rural areas.

Magnetically treated water can:
* Improve water productivity
* Increase yield produced per gallon of water used
* Improve quality of produce
* Increase shelf life
* Enrich taste
* Minimize the salinity effect and cleanse soil
* Reduce chemical usage
* Sustain the health of the environment




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