Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic sweepers are widely used in industrial area and home use. You can use them to sweep iron chip, nail, ferrite piece, etc very easily.


What is Magnetic Sweeper?

Magnetic Sweeper are used in industry, factory, and home widely. It is very reliable and easy to pick up nails,  ferrite piece, iron chip. Abundant magnetic sweepers series are available in our product range. You can get 18'', 24'', 36'',48'' magnetic sweepers for different application.

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Magnetic Handle Sweeper (Magnetic Release Design)

Magnetic handle sweeper can pick up nails, screws, tacks, bolts, wires, paper clips, swarf and other more metal objects very easily. You can clear the collected iron parts through the release handle in magnetic floor sweeper very easily.

It works very perfectly in cleaning factories aisle, shop aisles, construction sites, walkways, loading docks, parking area, etc.

Item No. Size Qty G.W./N.W. Carton Size
112018 Magneic Sweeper 18" 2pcs/ctn 14/12kgs 76*22*42cm
112024 Magneic Sweeper 24" 2pcs/ctn 18/16kgs 79*22*42cm
112030 Magneic Sweeper 30" 2pcs/ctn 22/20kgs 94*22*42cm
112036 Magneic Sweeper 36 2pcs/ctn 36/24kgs 109*22*42cm

Push-type Magnetic Sweeper

Item No. Product Name
114024 24" Push-Type Magnetic Sweeper
114036 36" Push-Type Magnetic Sweeper


Magnetic Hang-Type Sweeper

Very strong magnets inside the magnetic sweeper. It is powerful magnets to pick up iron pieces on the ground very easily.
It is simply to hang from your vehicle and sweep your whole road, your parking place, airport and more.  It will clean a lot of tire damaging steel material. It is made of strong ceramic magnet with aluminum housing. It can be manufactured according to customer's requirement.

Magnetic Hang-Type sweeper

Item No. Size Qty G.W./N.W. Carton Size
113036 Magneic Sweeper 18" 2pcs/ctn 20/19kgs 93*11*18cm
113048 Magneic Sweeper 24" 2pcs/ctn 25/24kgs 124*11*18cm
113036 Magneic Sweeper 30" 2pcs/ctn 30/29kgs 154*11*18cm
113072 Magneic Sweeper 36 2pcs/ctn 35/34kgs 184*11*18cm


Magnetic floor sweeper

Magnetic floor sweeper is designed to provide a fast and efficient method of keeping floor space free from numerous small ferrous metal objects such as nails, screw, tacks, nuts and bolts. The sweeper is fitted with two large robust rubber wheels The direction of the sweeper is controlled by a long tubular steel handle which can be dismantled.

Item No. Size Qty G.W./N.W. Carton Size
117018 Magneic Sweeper 18" 2pcs/ctn 11/9kgs 93*11*18cm
117024 Magneic Sweeper 24" 2pcs/ctn 13/11kgs 124*11*18cm
117030 Magneic Sweeper 30" 2pcs/ctn 15/13kgs 154*11*18cm
117036 Magneic Sweeper 36 2pcs/ctn 16/14kgs 184*11*18cm

Item No. 115016 Magnetic Sweeper Item No. 116024 Magnetic Sweeper Item No. 111016 Magnetic Sweeper
Size 16" Size 24" Size 16"
Qty 16pcs/ctn Qty 1pcs/ctn Qty 12pcs/ctn
G.W./N.W. 26/24kgs G.W./N.W. 12/11kgs G.W./N.W. 19/17kgs
Carton Size 105*46*72cm Carton Size 80*28*18cm Carton Size 71*48*27cm


Wheeled magnetic sweeper

Wheeled  Magnetic  Sweeps  easily  work to attract nails, screws, metal shavings, and more. It can get across obstacle very well due to round design.  Ergonomics height will let you feel very comfortable during working time.

Magnetic mini sweeper

You can customize the size of magnetic hang-type sweeper from 18" to 50". There are strong magnets inside magnetic sweeper, and there is Load-Release lever in the magnetic sweeper. Magnetic hang-type Sweepers are very powerful to collect ferrite pieces on the ground very easily.

Magnetic Hang-type Sweeper is simply to hang on your vehicle and sweep your whole roads, parking place, airport and more places.




A substance is said to be magnetic if it possesses the properties of a magnet and attracts ferromagnetic materials such as iron, cobalt, nickel, steel, etc. As the name goes by, a magnetic sweeper sweeps away ferromagnetic materials using magnets and cleans the area, thus reducing human effort. The magnetic sweeper is also known as a magnetic broom and can easily clean up metal debris even from sandy surfaces which is very difficult and time-consuming if done by a human. 


Generally, magnetic sweepers consist of parts like lumber, plastic wheels, bolts to act as the axle of the wheel, washers for wheel spacing, broom handle, aluminum cover, a sheet steel backing, and neodymium magnets. There is also an additional cover for the magnets which shield the magnets from damage and also creates a way to remove the attracted materials easily and we don’t need to pick up the rusted materials from the sweeper one by one. 

Do distance and size affect the efficiency of the magnetic sweeper?

If the magnet used in the sweeper is smaller in size it won’t attract the ferrous materials with the force as a larger magnet would attract. If you use a smaller magnet, the length between the magnet and the ground should be minimized. However, the size of the object that is meant to be swept also affects the efficiency of the sweeper. It will attract a thick and larger ferrous object more than a small staple.

Are there any other factors?

You must be thinking that except for distance and size, is there any other factor that will affect the efficiency of the magnetic sweeper? Well, the answer is yes. If we change the position of the magnets the force by which the magnetic sweeper will attract the particles will change. After testing different kinds of the configuration of magnets, it was found out that if all the magnets are placed with the same pole placing the ground, then the magnetic force with which the sweeper attracts the materials increased. However, since we know that the same magnetic poles repel each other, there is a problem in setting up the side of the magnet by side. 

We can categorize Magnetic Sweeper into different types based on their construction:

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweeper: It has a long life record and is usually composed of permanent magnets. The strong magnets inside the heavy-duty sweeper will attract and collect loose metal debris or steel offcuts with high efficiency. The clever release lever helps to dispose of the metal waste safely. It is quite beneficial for places that use screws, nails, pins, and staples like construction sites, swimming pools, cleaning factories, parking areas, etc. 

Hang-Type Magnetic Sweeper: As the name suggests, this magnetic sweeper can be hung on a vehicle bumper or forklift. It has high capacity and is best for sweeping the whole road, parking place, airport, and many more places. It is simply that you just have to hang on to your vehicle and sweep your desired place.

Magnetic-Mini Sweeper: It is long-lasting and along with its lightweight design, it's an ideal option for use in shops, walkways, and yards.

Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Handle Release: It is great for cleaning up around the home, shop, yard, office, and garage. It can sweep large amounts of metal debris from the floor and walkways and keep them clean and safe. Moreover, the collected metal debris can be cleared easily through the release handle in the magnetic floor sweeper.

Magnetic Rolling Sweeper: Magnetic Rolling Sweeper has a round design and can roll easily across any obstacle due to its configuration. It has an easy load-release lever that helps to collect the screws, nails, metal shavings, and other things which are then thrown in certain places.

Advantages of Magnetic Sweeper in Industrial Areas

The magnetic sweeper has come to light because it reduced the physical labor of cleaning areas impregnated with ferrous materials like screws, pins, etc. It is because of their integrity, affordability, and effectiveness that they are in such high demand in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction sites, distribution centers, terminals, and parking lots. You just need to pass the magnetic sweeper over the garbage and it will attract all the materials from the ground. 

1.Easy Clean up: If a push broom is used, there is a high probability that small pieces of metal debris will remain in the bristles of the broom and it will be highly inconvenient to clean up the mess. Magnetic Sweeper can easily pick up tiny particles like metal shavings, grinding dust, etc. 
2.A cost reduction: Magnetic Sweepers have a long life compared to push brooms. Thus, it is cost-effective. Moreover, it is quite common to lose small pieces of metals near construction sites. A magnetic sweep can easily pull the loose materials out of the dirt and in the next moment, it is ready to use.
3.Various Objects: It can pick up a large variety of things like nails, iron scrap, staples, wires, tacks, metal shavings, screws, nuts, etc
4.Avert injury: Push brooms are unable to clear small particles and this can cause injuries that may lead to costly medical bills or even lawsuits. A magnetic sweeper will keep the workers safe and catch the debris before anyone gets injured by it.
5.Versatility: The design of the magnetic sweeper is very simple. From the types that were discussed in the above section, we can conclude that it can either hang from a bumper or be supported by wheels on both sides. They can work in any kind of climate, temperature, and area. The magnetic field remains the same irrespective of the fact that it's been used in rain or light snow, heat or cold, grass or gravel.


You should know the difference between lifting power and lifting distance of the magnetic sweeper. Lifting power also known as holding power should be kept as a secondary concern. However, if you have too much holding power, you will have a problem cleaning the debris. The idea is to have a tremendous lifting power but less holding power so that it can clean the problem.

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