Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Magnetic paper towel holder are widely used in BBQ area and homehold use. A great tool to help people position the paper roll.


What is a magnetic paper towel holders? 

Magnetic paper towel holder is a great tool to help people position the paper roll.

Simply stick the Magnetic Paper Towel Holder to the metal surface and adjust the distance to fit the Paper towel roll. Drilling or gluing are no need anymore. Because the strong power of the magnetic paper towel holder can hold your paper towel roll tightly on the wall. You can reinstall it whenever you require in a matter of seconds.

Various types of paper towel holder to meet people's different needs.

Brushed Stainless steel magnetic paper towel holder has a luxury surface, can be used as an Decorations, convenient and looks upscale. Premiunm sus304 stainless steel makes this paper towel never rust and durable, decorate your kitchen with elegant & advanced style.

If you don’t like stainless steel color, also there are many other color for you.

Regular metal magnetic paper towel holder that can be used on the workshopgarage even on a BBQ cart. Convenient and practical.

Spray surface to avoid the product after water rust, different colors can also meet different people's preferences. Such as Black, red, White or etc.

Magnetic paper towel holder can be placed on the side of the refrigerator, and the PVC surround prevents magnets from scratching the refrigerator surface.

Not only save the kitchen space, beautiful and convenient.

It often can't be found when it's needed, and it can cause water to spill all over the floor. Fixed placement, easy to reach when you need it, and clean.

Magnetic paper towel holders attach to the grill stove when you're out BBQ. Very convenient to wipe the grill, cool tool!

A High quality Magnetic Paper Towel Holder is a wonderful tool for your daily life, whatever indoor or outdoor. Keep the trouble away from your life.

You deserve one.



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