Magnetic Welding Holder, Magnetic Welding Holders

Magnetic Weld Holders are designed to work as an Extra Hand - It enables fast and accelerative holding of most iron objects and tools. They are widely used in iron parts welding, jointing in 90°or 45° in architecture and finish machining field. They are be used in soldering, Marking-off, Pipe installation, Supporting, Jigging, Assembly, as a Separator, Multi-Units for Heavy welding, Lifting etc.


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Item No.:211025

25LBS Welding Magnet


Item No.:211050

50LBS Welding Magnet


Item No.:211075

75LBS Welding Magnet


Item No.:212050

50LBS Welding Magnet


Item No.:213030   /  213075

30LBS Welding Magnet with Switch

75LBS Welding Magnet with Switch


Item No.:214025   /  214065

25LBS Welding Magnet with Switch

65LBS Welding Magnet with Switch


Item No.:215045 / 215075

45LBS Welding Magnet with Round Switch

65LBS Welding Magnet with Round Switch


Item No.: 216025

Multi-angle Welding Magnet

What is Welding Magnet?  Magnetic Welding Holder

Multi-angle Welding Magnets are designed for fast and accurate holding of flat and round ferrous metal for welding and assembly jobs. Various angles available from 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, to 180° 

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